Leaders in Fire Damage Restoration in Montana

The aftermath of a house fire is devastating, both financially and emotionally. If not properly remediated, smoke, ash and other products of fire can linger on, causing you continued grief and potential health implications. To ensure you’re not faced with ongoing headaches after a fire, make sure you’re trusting none other than Allied 24/7 Restoration Services for fire damage restoration in Montana.

Our experience dealing with fire and smoke damage in Montana is extensive, and as a result, we’re able to offer an unparalleled level of service when it comes to assessing the scope of your damage and the solutions required to set things right again. We aim to do more than just absolve your home of lingering carcinogens and fire byproducts—we aim to get your space back to a comfortable, livable condition.

If your home has suffered fire damage in Montana, don’t waste any time in putting your living space right again: call Allied 24/7 Restoration Services right away. We’ll do what it takes to eliminate any traces of fire in your home and help you overcome your recent tragedy quickly. Take a look below at more information regarding our fire remediation capabilities and to learn more about our Code of Ethics when it comes to assisting customers overcome fire and fire damage.



RIA members adopt and abide by the following Code of Ethics

As providers of property damage restoration, remediation and cleaning services to the public, we subscribe to the following principles in our relationships with customers, employees and business associates:

  • To treat our customers and their property with care and respect.
  • To provide professional service in accordance with high standards of practice that will, where possible, restore the customer’s property to its pre-damaged or pre-soiled condition.
  • To operate in a manner consistent with ethical principles and sound business practice.
  • To be proficient in our work through ongoing participation in education and training.
  • To provide our customer with accurate information concerning the scope of work required and its costs, maintaining strict impartiality in our professional opinions.
  • To disclose to the customer any connection we may have to their insurer or any other interested third party.
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Learn How to Respond to Smoke Damage

If we have learned anything over time it is that a disaster can strike when we least expect it, and the effects that linger afterwards can be just as damaging. One problem can lead to a multitude of others in the blink of an eye and it can be so overwhelming that you don’t know where to begin to address the problems. Just about everyone can relate to this situation all too well, especially those that have fallen victim to a house fire.

When a fire breaks out in a home, it leaves a path of destruction that is flat out devastating. It will completely consume valuable family heirlooms within seconds, and is capable of devouring an entire structure such as a home in minutes. Even if you can address the fire in a short period of time and manage to put it out before it spreads much, you will still have your hands full of fire and water damage cleanup and fire damage restoration work. The fire is only one of several problems that will come from this event. You will have a certain degree of water damage, as a good deal of water would have been necessary to put the fire out. Once the water damage that occurred as a result has been addressed, you will have yet another issue to address that will more than likely be unexpected. That issue will be smoke damage, and smoke restoration is going to be just as challenging as anything else to rid yourself of that has come from this one tragic event.

Smoke can literally seep into just about everything in your house. It can attach itself to your clothes, your furniture, your drapes, your carpet and rugs, and even the walls of your home themselves. The key to ridding yourself of this problem will be to assess the damage quickly and respond with help from a professional in water and fire damage restoration. Your items should be dried out and a deodorizing process should be performed by an expert to remove the smoke odors from all of your items that have been effected by the smoke. Fabrics and other textiles will contribute to most of the items effected. The ventilation system for your HVAC unit will need to be cleaned out thoroughly, due to smoke being trapped in the duct work and then making it’s presence known when the unit comes back on. Even the walls themselves will need to be treated, as smoke can absorb into the porous drywall and even make it’s way in between the walls.  It will be a long and exhausting process, but once the team of professionals have removed the last of the smoke damage and related odor, you will be glad that you responded quickly and with the aid of knowledgeable experts.

For more details on fire, smoke and water damage restoration, contact the most experienced damage restoration service in the Flathead Valley, Montana, Allied 24/7 Restoration. (406)756-4357