Your Guide to Preventing Holiday House Fires

by Allied / Wednesday, 26 October 2016 / Published in Fire Damage Restoration

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here, and that means home-cooked dinners, blazing fireplaces, glimmering candles, fresh-baked cookies and lots of twinkling lights. Unfortunately, it also means an increased chance of your home going up in flames. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, over 900 people die from house fires during the winter months every year.

During the winter, and specifically during the holidays, we subject our homes to an increased number of potential fire hazards. From Christmas tree lights plugged into an overloaded outlet to table candles placed too close to the centerpiece, some of our favorite holiday traditions pose the risk for a house fire. As your local experts in fire damage restoration in Montana, we’ve seen firsthand the destruction a house fire can cause, so we wanted to offer a few tips to help you reduce the chance of a residential fire this holiday season.

Don’t leave your space heater on overnight

Space heaters are a common cause of fires simply because their surfaces can get extremely hot. Because of this, never leave your space heater on while you’re away from home or while you’re sleeping. You should treat a space heater the same way you would treat an open flame.

Be careful with your candles

A candle-lit family dinner is a holiday staple, but it is also a chance for a fire. People tend to put other table settings, like centerpieces and floral arrangements, too close to the open flame, not to mention that people tend to knock table candles down during meal time. Be aware of the placement of your candles and, to be on the safe side, remove them from the table before people sit down for dinner. If you really want to keep your table lit, it’s best to use glass enclosed candleholders rather than taper candles.

Monitor your oven

The next few months will be filled with holiday baking, which means your oven will be working overtime. To reduce the risk of fire, be sure to monitor your oven closely. Use timers instead of “guesstimating” when food items will be done to reduce the risk of fires caused by burnt food.

Don’t overload circuits with decorative lights

Decorative lights are part of the beauty and magic of the holidays, but they’re also a common cause of household fires. Be sure to not overload your circuits with too many plug-ins to avoid an electrical fire. You’ll also want to check your Christmas tree lights for bare wires or fraying to avoid a Christmas tree fire.

Although we specialize in fire damage restoration in Montana, we hate to see any of our clients go through the devastation of a house fire. Although we can bring your home back to its original state, we can’t bring back lost personal items or erase the horror of a house fire from your memory. Please stay safe this winter. Just a few cautionary steps could save your home and your family. For more tips, or for assistance after a fire, please get in touch with Allied 24/7 Property Restoration today.

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