Winter Storm Preparation Tips Everyone Should Follow

by Allied / Wednesday, 01 January 2020 / Published in Fire Damage Restoration, Home Restoration Services, Lifestyle

Trying to be prepared for winter storms this coming season? We don’t blame you. In Montana, the snow is beautiful. It’s also dangerous if you aren’t prepared for it. That’s why we are sharing some of our top winter storm preparation tips below. If you follow these tips, you and your family are sure to survive another cold winter here in the northwest. 

Winter storm preparation

Preparing for winter storms doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, with just a few hours of time you can have your house fully winterized and ready for any storm that comes your way. Below are 5 easy tips to winter storm preparation:

Keep the pipes warm

It’s incredibly important that you keep your pipes warm during winter storms. This is because frozen pipes are a major problem that can be expensive to fix. Therefore, make sure that you’re running warm water through the pipes in the hours leading up to a winter storm. Wrap any exposed pipes in insulation, open cabinet doors to promote circulation, and leave the water to drip so that there is constant water flow. Trust us, you’ll be thankful for this later!

Check the exterior

While you prepare your pipes, it’s also a good idea to check the exterior of your home.  Make sure that any existing snow and ice has been removed from gutters. Also make sure to trim trees that can freeze and cause damage when falling, seal drafty windows, disconnect hoses, etc.

Replace batteries in the CO2 detector

Did you know that cold winter weather can bring with it the danger of CO2 poisoning? It’s true! When it’s cold outside, families turn to gas, oil and other heating appliances to warm their home. These can all produce CO2 which is deadly if inhaled. Therefore, it’s important that you replace all the batteries in your CO2 detectors so that you can be alerted if the CO2 amounts become too much for your home. This has saved many lives and just may save yours!

Invest in a generator

While preparing for winter weather, you might want to invest in a generator for your home. Especially in areas where the power can go out for days at a time, a generator can ensure that your family still has light, heat, and other basic necessities in the freezing cold. Without one, you might be forced to seek shelter elsewhere until your power comes back on. 

Prepare an emergency kit

Lastly, you should always make an emergency kit when going through winter storm preparation. This kit should include batteries, flash lights, a radio, a fully charged phone, blankets and warm clothing, food for the entire family (pets included), etc. 

As you can see, winter storm preparation is incredibly important to you and your family’s safety. If you don’t prepare now, you’ll be contacting a professional for restoration services more often than not.

Restoration services

If you’ve recently gone through a winter storm and you’ve experienced damage from it, don’t worry. No matter how much you prepare, sometimes things just happen. That’s why Allied 24/7 Restoration is here to help! We are experts in all types of home restoration services including fire, flood, mold, and more.

Don’t ask just anyone to take care of your home after a storm. Contact us today to make sure you’re getting quality service for years to come!