What to Do When Your Basement Floods

by Allied / Monday, 09 March 2020 / Published in Flood Restoration

Flooding can cause a real mess. As you wade through the water looking at all of the damage done, you might feel confused and scared about what to do. This is normal for anyone. However, try not to panic.

When your basement floods, there are things you need to do right away to reduce your risk of permanent damage. Want to know what to do when your basement floods? Here’s our essential list:

Stop the Water Leaks

Before doing anything else, make sure to stop the source of the flooding. If it is from a pipe bursting, shut off the water immediately or contact emergency services so they can do it for you. If it is from natural causes such as storms, you’ll need to wait for the water to settle and recede before doing anything. This can be difficult, but it’s really important for your safety to allow the water to stop on its own. Don’t ever try to wade through high, moving water during a flood!

Contact Insurance About Water Damage

Once you’ve made sure the water has stopped, you should contact your insurance regarding flooding coverage. Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover floods but it’s worth asking.

If you have flood insurance, reach out to your policy holder. They will walk you through filing a claim and help you receive compensation for any damage. Have patience during this process, especially if you’re in the center of a natural disaster. Your policyholder will try to help you as quickly as possible but your claim may not be settled for several days or weeks. 

Remove Personal Belongings

After you’ve contacted insurance and filed a claim, it’s time to get to clean up. You’ll need to remove everything from the flood zone including furniture, personal belongings, etc. Throw away items that have been destroyed beyond saving. Then, set items you’re going to save somewhere safe. You’ll need to remove items from boxes and tubs and lay everything flat, and make sure there is air flow to help the drying process along. 

If you have important documents in the flood, make sure they aren’t damaged or destroyed. If they are waterlogged, you can try gently drying them with a hair dryer to save them. If they’re too damaged, you’ll need to start the process of replacing them. 

Dry The Water Damage Area Out

Next, it’s time to dry the area out completely. You’ll need to rip up flooring if it’s destroyed to remove all excess water. Then use industrial fans in the space to dry everything out completely. This process can take several hours or several days. It all depends on how big an area is and how wet it was when you began. Try to be patient and keep checking for mold growth as the process continues. 

Clean Everything Thoroughly

When the flooded area is dry, it’s time to clean everything thoroughly. With masks and gloves on, wash the walls and floors using a cleaning solution that will kill mold and bacteria. Then, clean all of your belongings. 

Any clothing you have might need washed in a washing machine several times. If you can’t clean them, they’ll have to be thrown out. Your furniture will need scrubbed as well, especially fabric furniture. Make sure everything is dry and there is no mold. Then, use a carpet cleaner or specialized tools to clean the upholstery properly.

Whatever you do, don’t rush through this process. Mold and bacteria growth are serious and you want to make sure you stop that from happening before reintroducing your belongings to the flooded area. 

Water Damage Repair

Afterwards, spend time focusing on water repair. If the space was severely flooded, chances are you’ll have to replace all of the flooring and maybe even the drywall. Hire a contractor that specializes in these fields and have them inspect everything properly before installing new materials. If any water is left under floors or behind walls, it can lead to serious mold growth that is dangerous for your health. 

When the walls and floors have been fixed, you can paint and reintroduce furniture and personal belongings. 

Invest in Flood Insurance

If you didn’t have flood insurance before this incident, you definitely need to invest in it going forward. If your home floods once, it might do it again. Having a flood insurance policy will protect you and your wallet from further damage. 

Kalispell Flood Restoration Services

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