What is the Water Restoration Process

by HMAC / Thursday, 15 April 2021 / Published in Uncategorized

Water damage is a fairly common occurrence in homes and workplaces. It could be caused by many factors, including leaking water lines, burst pipes, backed-up plumbing and sewer systems, or clogged toilets. When any of these issues occur, it could take only a short time before serious problems could arise. 

Apart from the immediate risk posed by standing water, moisture could also cause more long-term damage. Furniture, clothes, books, and personal items could get ruined, and even the drywall and flooring may be affected by water damage. There is also the possibility of mold growth and structural damage in more severe cases.

One way to reverse or halt water damage caused by any of the above scenarios is to subject your home to a water restoration process. Many professional firms provide this service, and it could be invaluable in helping restore the safe and livable condition of your home.

What Is Water Restoration?

Water restoration essentially involves dealing with the damage caused by excess moisture or prolonged exposure to water. But there is a lot more to the process than merely mopping up the water and cleaning up the resulting debris. Drying only the surfaces of the affected areas won’t get rid of potential contaminants, which is where most of the problems stem. 

Furthermore, porous surfaces such as wooden floors, carpeting, furniture, and drywall may retain significant moisture levels even if the area appears to be dry. Unless these surfaces are thoroughly dried and treated, they can harbor organisms that could cause unpleasant odors and result in serious health issues. 

Why You Need A Water Restoration Service 

This is where a water restoration service comes in. When any of the above scenarios occur, you need a team of specialists to remove the water and restore your home to its previous condition as quickly as possible. 

Keep in mind that time is of the essence when dealing with water damage. Any standing water and residual moisture serve as an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold, which could multiply and spread out of control. The longer the issue remains unaddressed, the greater the potential for long-term health issues and costly damage. 

These factors highlight the importance of acting quickly and hiring a qualified and competent firm to handle your water restoration requirements. Although you could mop up some of the water on your own, only water restoration experts can ensure that any issues will be resolved for good. 

The Water Restoration Process 

Water restoration professionals do more than get rid of standing water. The process begins with the extraction of all accumulated water. Items and structures are assessed, and all unsalvageable items are disposed of. 

In most cases, this includes carpeting that has been soaked through, furniture, books and papers, and even damaged sections of drywall. Because of the potential for extensive water damage, these items are prone to mold infestation and usually cannot be salvaged. 

After all the salvageable items are set aside, the affected areas can be cleaned and treated. Water restoration specialists may use specially-formulated solutions for disinfecting and deodorizing problem spots, after which they are dried thoroughly. 

Why Expert Water Restoration Is Essential 

As you can see, there is a lot more to water restoration than just mopping up the water and drying the affected areas. Professional water restoration specialists utilize industry-standard processes to clean and deodorize living spaces that have undergone extensive water damage. They also ensure that unpleasant odors are eliminated and that there is less chance of mold and mildew growth in the future. 

Hiring a professional firm gives you the advantage of fully-trained and highly qualified water restoration experts. These specialists will restore your home to its pre-damaged condition and prevent associated problems from occurring. 

How Long Does Water Restoration Take? 

The length of time it will take to restore your home to livable conditions depends on many factors. The most significant issues are the extent of the damage and the size of the area to be treated. With relatively minor cases of water damage, you may be able to resume occupancy in as little as two days. For more severe cases, expect your home to be in livable condition after a week or two, or even longer. 

The important thing to realize is that even the worst cases of water damage are resolvable. Hire a qualified and competent firm to handle the water restoration process, and you could be back in your home sooner than you think.