What to Do When a Water Leak Damages Your Hardwood Flooring

by Allied / Wednesday, 05 July 2017 / Published in Water Damage

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Installing hardwood floors in your house is one of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner. They’re not only beautiful, but they also add huge value to your home. The only real downside is that they can be difficult to take care of, and they’re a bit vulnerable when it comes to liquid spills and leaks. While dropping a glass of water on your hardwood floors won’t necessitate a phone call for water damage repair in Montana, a leaky dishwasher or refrigerator just might. Here’s what to do if you ever find yourself in a hardwood floor water damage situation:

  • Dry the area by yourself:

    It should go without saying that your first step when you see a puddle on your floor should be to throw some towels over it to help dry the area. While a towel probably won’t soak up all of the liquid, it’ll certainly help mitigate any long-term damage caused by the leak. Assuming it was a bad leak, it’s time to bring in the pros for water damage restoration in Montana after you’ve dried and mopped your floor.

  • Call the pros:

    Pick up the phone and call some professionals as soon as possible. Our team can come to your house to get your floors back to normal before you know it. We use heavy-duty gear to soak up any water that can’t be dried with towels. In addition to soaking up the water you can see, our equipment will get the water under the floorboards, which can start to get moldy very quickly. Remember, the sooner you call us, the easier it’ll be to dry and repair!

  • Sand and refinish:

    It’s time for water damage repair in Montana once the professionals have totally dried your floors. The pros will sand down the area and refinish the floors to make them look as good as new. It’s important to get the area back to like-new condition to ensure any other future damage doesn’t cause more harm.

  • Prevention:

    Although it’s impossible to prevent accidents from happening, you can take steps to reduce the risk that a leak or flood will occur in your home. Make sure your dishwasher is secure and that there aren’t any loose hosing connections. Defrosting a freezer is the number one cause of refrigerator leaks. Make sure you have plenty of towels under your unit when you need to defrost it!

  • Protection:

    You can’t totally prevent leaks, but you can help protect your hardwood floors from damage. Speak to a professional about having your hardwood floors coated, and lay down rugs by the sink and dishwasher. A rug will help soak up any plumbing or dishwasher leaks, which will help reduce the damaging effects water has on wood.

If your refrigerator or dishwasher happens to spring a leak, or if you have a different type of hardwood floor emergency, give Allied 24/7 Property Restoration a call! We’re your best bet when it comes to water damage restoration in Montana. Our professionals have years of experience in the industry, and can surely remedy any hardwood floor water damage situation.

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