Checklist: Flood Damage Repair for Businesses

by Allied / Friday, 25 November 2016 / Published in Water Damage

Use This Checklist Before Returning to Your Place of Business After Flood Damage

Floods can do major damage to a business, and returning to your building can be a great surprise if you are not prepared for the aftermath. The flood damage in Montana may be severe and you will need to plan accordingly to gain entry, deal with your assets and collect valuables. Here’s a checklist of things to bring with you when you return to your business after a flood has hit:

  • Tools:

    Because you have no idea of what the condition of the property will be when you arrive after flood damage in Montana, you need to come prepared with the right tools to gain entry. Be sure to bring a shovel, pry bar and flashlight. The power is most likely out at your business, and there may be debris blocking your entryway.

  • Camera:

    You will want evidence of what you find when you arrive at your business and enter it after there has been flood damage in M You will need either pictures from a camera or footage from a video recorder to document the damage that has occurred so you can submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement from the flood.

  • Cleaning supplies:

    There may be items that you are able to clean and salvage after a flood has ravished your business. These items should be disinfected thoroughly to ensure there is no bacteria left on them and you can safely use them again. A bucket, rags and disinfectant cleaners will come in handy and ensure you are able to properly clean the items you wish to keep.

  • Pen and paper:

    This will come in handy to write down notes about the scene that you come across. You can also note important information such as serial numbers that may be necessary for the equipment you have lost to flood damage in Montana. Plastic bags are also a good option to bring along, as you can store items in them that need to be brought with you, but which can’t be cleaned properly.

  • Hand and face wash supplies:

    You will no doubt get dirty when you first come to survey the site of your business after there has been flood damage in Montana. Be sure to bring wipes and hand sanitizer to keep your hands and face clean while you work.

  • First aid kit:

    You don’t know what you will run into when you arrive at your business for the first time after a flood, so be sure you have a first-aid kit handy. Someone may get hurt trying to gain entry or when they are sorting through debris. This will come in handier than you think for cuts and scrapes that tend to occur in a ravaged area.

When flood damage in Montana occurs at your business, come prepared, as you never know how severe it may be. These tools will ensure you are ready for anything and are able to handle the area to the best of your ability until you can call in a professional service to help clean up the damage. For flood cleanup, call Allied 24/7 Property Restoration. We are an experienced disaster cleanup firm that has helped many homes and businesses in their cleanup efforts, including after Hurricane Katrina. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer your business.

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