Understanding Biohazard Clean Up and Repair

by Allied / Sunday, 15 September 2019 / Published in Home Restoration Services

There are several instances in life where some form of biohazard clean up and repair is necessary for homes and businesses. Do you know what biohazard clean up is, when it’s needed, and how the process works? If not, then keep reading below!

What is biohazard clean up and repair?

First things first – what is biohazard clean up and repair? Biohazard clean up, or bio waste clean up, is the act of cleaning and repairing after a biological incident. These incidents can range from something small, like blood spills, all the way up to something serious, like crime scenes. 

While something simple may only need some added protection like gloves and a mask, more serious clean up scenarios will require bodysuits, strong cleaning materials, and proper waste management companies to keep everyone safe from contagions. 

When is it needed?

Bio waste clean up is necessary when there are bodily fluids present. These include blood and vomit. It is also necessary when there are extremely dirty or unsafe materials present such as drugs and high levels of pollutants. The extra caution is needed because any number of these materials can cause bodily harm if left unattended. Biological cleaning is often involved in the following scenarios:


There are some cases where individuals live in housing situations that are far less than ideal. In these instances, not only do belongings pile up but so do materials we don’t want to be living in. These include urine and feces, rodents with diseases, mold, etc. In hoarding cases, biohazard clean up is necessary to ensure the home is livable once it has been cleared out. 

Mold and sewage

There are also instances where mold and sewage get into the home and cause some serious damage. This mostly happens during flooding or other types of bad weather. It can also happen when something happens to a home or business’ water/piping system. Because the mold and sewage can be toxic, it is best to hire a professional clean up team to handle it. 


We hate to admit it, but there are instances where people manufacture drugs in their home. Doing so can be extremely dangerous because of the ingredients needed. Since these can be so deadly to people if not handled properly, a biohazard cleanup team is needed to dispose of everything properly. 

Body fluids

In some instances, there are accidents that involve body fluids such as blood, urine, or feces. Because these can be dangerous to others, especially if the person involved has a contagious disease. This is best handled by professional biohazard clean up teams. 

Crime scenes or deaths

Unfortunately, there are times when crime scenes occur. After the police have done their investigation, many people wonder what will happen next? Well, that’s where biohazard clean up and repair teams come into play. They’ll come in after a crime and clean up the space. This is an incredibly vulnerable time for people so doing it quickly, efficiently, and properly is necessary. 

How does bio cleaning work?

When using biohazard clean up, there is a specific process that the team must go through. It always starts with proper protection. This includes gloves, masks, and other protective gear. Then, there are three main steps to getting a home or business back to working order.

Main clean up

First, there is the main bio cleaning process. This focuses on picking up debris and materials that may be unhealthy, infectious, or soiled. Everything is bagged or stored for disposal later. Then, things are cleaned with high-quality cleaners and disinfectants. If there are stains on carpets or furniture, those are also removed. 

Odor removal

Next, bio cleaning focuses on odor removal (if needed.) The process starts with washing the walls, floors, etc and is then followed with treatments such as ozone shock and thermal fogging. These will help remove any unwelcome scent in your home or business. These processes can also be helpful with pet urine smells, as well as cigarette smoke. 

Waste disposal

Finally, there is proper waste disposal. Because certain materials may be extremely harmful to others and the environment, they can’t be taken to the regular dump. Everything that is removed from the home or business must be taken away for safe and healthy disposal at an appropriate location. 

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