How to Deal with Spring Thaw Water Damage

by Allied / Wednesday, 06 February 2013 / Published in Home Restoration Services

Well spring is almost here!

With all of the snow that we have had here in the Flathead Valley this can cause some significant problems. With the increase in temperatures this will lead to the snow melting and significant water build up in areas around your home as well as on your roof and gutters.

With the water build up around your home you need to make sure that he water is draining away from your house. When water is allowed to build up around your house this will cause the potential for water to drain into your basement or your crawl space.

If the water leaks into your basement you suffer significant water damage to your basement area damaging the sheetrock, carpet, wood flooring, etc. This can also lead to mold damage because the water will not be able to dry properly.

Water leaking into the crawlspace can be particularly bad. The reason is because unlike your basement living space you never really go into your crawlspace. So if the water leaks into your crawlspace and is allowed to pool up the moisture in this area combined with the dark cool climate of your crawlspace this is a perfect environment for mold.

So make sure that if you have water built up around your house, that you create drainage system to get this water away from your house so that you do not suffer from water damage to your basement or crawlspace.

With all of this snow melting off of your house you need to make sure that your gutters are free from ice, dirt, plants, etc. If your gutters are not free from debris then while this snow is draining off your roof it will have nowhere to go. When this water has nowhere to go it will back up into the valley on your roof. When this water is backed up in the valley combined with the cool temperatures you will have ice built up that will then push under your shingles. If this ice is allowed to push under your shingles the ice will melt and then drain into your house causing significant water damage.

You can easily combat this situation by adding heat tape or other type of heating strip to your gutters or roof line to combat the ice built up.

If you are suffering from water or ice damage make sure you give us a call 406-885-2320