Risks and Dangers with a Self-Cleaning Oven

by Allied / Tuesday, 27 March 2018 / Published in Fire Damage Restoration

In theory, a self-cleaning oven seems like a great invention. However, this feature can create more problems than it solves. Learn about the dangers and risks associated with self-cleaning ovens before you touch that dial:

Carbon monoxide poisoning:
Some self-cleaning ovens can produce a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide during the cleaning cycle. This can happen if the oven is old or hasn’t been properly maintained; carbon monoxide can also form when charred foods on the bottom of the oven bake and burn during the use of the self-cleaning feature. Carbon monoxide is extremely difficult to detect, and is toxic to humans and pets.
Pet safety: 
Some of the fumes created are more harmful to pets, including birds. Since pets’ respiratory systems are designed different than humans, they are more quickly affected by toxic fumes, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) toxicosis.

Respiration for humans:
Even if your oven doesn’t cause carbon monoxide to form, it could still cause issues for someone with asthma or other respiratory diseases. The Teflon coating on the inside of your oven, while great for normal cooking temperatures, doesn’t do well under the incredible heat of the self-cleaning cycle, causing damaging fumes to fill the house.

Electrical issues:
The high heat from the self-cleaning feature can cause fuses or even control panels to blow, or burn out. In worst case scenarios, ovens can even cause fires in using this feature, due to high heat.
Instead of using the self-cleaning feature on your oven, opt for a couple quick tips to make sure your oven stays in tip-top shape.
– Clean up spills as they occur; don’t allow them to become baked on. 
- Have your oven serviced regularly or with manufacturer recommendations to catch any issues before they develop into hazards
– Be aware while cooking. If you smell something strange or notice smoke, immediately turn the oven off and assess the source of the disturbance. 
- Clean using good ol’ soap and water. Shelves and racks are removable, so feel free to pull them out and soak them in water to clean any gunk or grease off.

Do you have questions about the dangers of self-cleaning ovens, or have an issue in your property that needs restored? Give us a call today.

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