Prevent House Fires With This Easy Checklist

by Allied / Wednesday, 16 October 2019 / Published in Fire Damage Restoration

No one wants to think about house fires, but the unfortunate truth remains that they can and do happen. The only way to make sure they don’t happen to you and your family is to ensure that you’re prepared ahead of time. 

Want to know how to prevent house fires before they happen? Keep reading below!

Preventing house fires

Some fires are completely out of human control, such as wildfires and those caused by storms. Others are caused by human error. If you are concerned about your family’s safety in regards to potential fires, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent them in your own home. This includes creating a fire preparation checklist and a fire evacuation plan.

Fire preparation checklist

With the following preparation checklist, you can ensure your family stays as safe as possible.

Use candles carefully

A major cause of house fires is misused candles. While they may be pretty and smell really good, they can be dangerous if left unattended. Therefore, it is very important that they are used carefully. Place them out of each of children and away from flammable objects like curtains. Most importantly, never leave them unattended, especially when leaving home. 

Mind your barbeque

Did you know that your grill can potentially cause a fire and smoke damage? Grills can tip over and cause the things around them to catch fire such as patio furniture, grass, and house siding. That’s why they say your grill should be placed 5-10 feet away from your home. This is true whether it is in use or not. You should also never leave the grill unattended, even if you’re just running inside for a few minutes.

Keep an eye on the kitchen

The kitchen is the one place in a home that causes the most house fires. That’s because there are lots of appliances in the kitchen that use gas, fire, or electricity to operate. To prevent fires from starting in the kitchen, never leave any appliance or any child unattended. Always make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your appliances when in use and turn them off as soon as you’re done with them.

Maintain smoke detectors

All homes should have smoke detectors installed and properly maintained. This means that you should be replacing batteries every year (or when they beep) and replacing the unit completely every 10 years. If you’re unsure of your smoke detectors and you think they aren’t working, contact your local fire department and they can check them for you. 

No smoking

Smoking in the home has a lot of damaging side effects. Not only does it make everything smell, but it also puts your home at greater risk of fire and smoke damage. Cigarettes in a home can cause spontaneous fires to start, especially if the user falls asleep or leaves them unattended in an ashtray. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you don’t smoke inside of your home. It is better to smoke outdoors and away from any flammable structures. Be sure to always put the cigarette completely out before returning inside too.

Make time for testing

Did you know that the majority of issues with smoke detectors can be discovered with a simple test? That’s why it’s important to test all smoke detectors in the home on a regular basis. Doing so will alert you to any issues so that you can fix them before any disaster strikes. 

Fire evacuation plan

In addition to fire preparation, it’s always important to have an evacuation plan in case a fire does happen. Below are some steps to prepare for when planning your family’s fire evacuation plan:

Alert others

So a fire has occurred in your home? First things first, you need to alert everyone else on the premises that there is a fire. This should get them moving and ready to act out their part of the fire evacuation plan.

Get the extinguisher

When everyone has been alerted there is a fire, try not to panic. Stay calm and locate your fire extinguisher immediately. Follow the directions on the side and use the extinguisher to stop the fire. 

Call 911

If you are unable to stop the fire with the fire extinguisher, then it’s time to call 911. Notify the department and then do your best to exit the building as quickly as possible. 

Leave everything behind

It may be tempting to grab possessions as you go, but you should really refrain from doing so. You should have all personal documents and prized possessions ready to grab quickly, but that’s it. You should also have a plan for who is responsible for any animals you may own. Knowing ahead of time who is grabbing who can help with chaos and fear during the fire.

Check doors before opening

As you are exiting the home, make sure to check closed doors before opening. If the door or knob is hot to the touch, or there is smoke seeping under the crack, it is best to find another route out. 

Stay low

If the smoke starts to overwhelm you, stay low to the ground and stay calm. Smoke rises naturally, so the lower you can stay to the ground, the clearer the air is. 

Make a plan for a meetup zone so you and your family know where to meet up when you leave the home. If you can’t get out, then stay wherever you are and alert others. To do this, you can wave white clothing or other noticeable objects out of windows, shout, and/or call the fire department. 

Don’t ever re-enter a home to go after someone. This is incredibly dangerous for all involved and allowing fire and rescue to handle the situation is best.  

Fire restoration services

Have you and your family recently experienced a fire that has caused some damage to your home? If so, you’re not alone. It can be daunting to think about rebuilding after a fire and smoke damage, but that’s what we’re here for.

At Allied 24/7 Restoration, we have been offering fire restoration services to the people of Montana for years. We understand you’re going through a difficult time and we want to help any way we can. We’ll help you clean up after fires and restore the home to working order, so you can get back to living life like normal.

What are you waiting for? If you are in need of fire restoration services, call us today. We’re here for you!

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