Did your water pipe burst? Here are 4 important steps to follow.

by Allied / Monday, 29 January 2018 / Published in Flood Restoration

When a pipe bursts, gallons of water pour out into your home in a matter of minutes or even seconds. In the best-case scenario, you are at home when the pipe bursts, and have to deal with it in the moment. If not, you might come home to a flooded basement or damaged property.

woman cleaning water after water pipe burst

Here are four steps to quickly take if a pipe bursts in your home: 

Important note: Never walk in the flooded area due to electrical hazards, and to avoid a slip or fall.

  1. Stop the source of the water

    Even if you don’t know where the water is coming from, the first course of action is to stop all water flow in the building. There is a “stop valve” on the water main, usually under the kitchen sink or where the main service pipe connects to your home. Know the location of the water shut-off before an emergency happens. There is a stop valve on the main water supply line, which is either in the basement or crawlspace. Some shut off valves may require a wrench or other tool to operate.

  2. Drain the pipes

    After you shut off the valves, run the cold water tap on all the faucets to drain the water on the pipes, and flush each toilet at least once.

  3. Locate the broken pipe

    After the flow has stopped, locate the source of the problem. Assess the situation so you’ll know what to tell repair professionals.

  4. Contact a professional

    A broken pipe can be extremely hazardous to your home, and a pipe that is fixed improperly can be even more hazardous, as it can re-burst at any time. Call a professional property restoration company to refurbish damaged property and fix the pipe.

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