Is Mold In A House Fixable?

by Allied / Saturday, 15 May 2021 / Published in Mold Remediation

Have you finally found your dream home only to realize that it has a serious mold problem? A mold infestation isn’t something to take lightly, to be sure, but is it a deal-breaker?  

Depending on the extent and how long it has been going on, a mold problem can be fixable. If you are considering purchasing property with severe mold issues, read on to learn about the most important factors to consider. 

Why you should be concerned about mold 

Mold exists almost everywhere. It typically grows in places where there is a continuous moisture source, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. The spores come from different types of fungus, and under the right circumstances, they can multiply and spread very quickly. 

Mold is almost always readily visible where they grow. Look closely at the areas mentioned above, and you will probably see traces of mold unless they have been treated recently. 

Apart from being nasty to look at, mold can also have an unpleasant smell. Worse still, mold can often cause severe health issues, including allergies and respiratory problems. Mold exposure is also associated with chronic headaches, fatigue, and even seizures. 

Mold assessment 

The first step toward determining whether your mold issue is fixable is to have the infestation assessed by a licensed mold specialist. 

Apart from letting you know if the mold is treatable, these professionals will also tell you the best way to have all of it removed and prevent future infestation. Most will provide a detailed report that also outlines the repair work that needs to be done. 

More severe cases may require more extensive testing. The mold that you see on exposed surfaces is usually only a tiny part of the problem. In some cases, there could be more mold hidden behind the walls, in the space between the ceiling and the roof, and in the crawlspace. These will have to be addressed so that the mold problem can be eliminated entirely.  

To determine the extent of the infestation, mold specialists will take samples from the areas mentioned above. They will also test the air and identify any problem areas. 

Mold specialists will also thoroughly check all possible moisture sources to determine whether the problem is caused by faulty drainage or plumbing systems. If necessary, they will check the roof, flooring, or foundation of the house. 

The cost of mold removal 

So how much would it cost to have all traces of mold removed from your home? The answer depends on the size of the area to be treated and the extent of the infestation. 

A relatively minor case in which the mold is easily accessible could cost a couple of hundred dollars to fix. If the mold has spread into the heating and cooling systems, you could end up having to spend as much as a couple of thousand dollars. If there is extensive damage and a high likelihood of future infestation, you could be looking at several thousands of dollars for complete home remediation.

Why is mold removal so expensive? Professional mold removal firms will ensure that all the moldy areas are treated thoroughly, with all the spores eliminated. Damaged or weakened areas will have to be repaired, and any issues that could cause the mold to return will have to be remedied. 

Remember that mold removal firms will only address the immediate cause of the mold. In most cases, this involves getting rid of the spores and clearing out all affected areas. If there are plumbing-related issues or if structural damage has occurred, you will need to hire specialists to deal with those specific issues. 

As with all home repair specialists, it is advisable to shop around for the best deal in mold removal services. Many companies will provide a free estimate after making a cursory assessment of your property. Although this won’t tell you the full extent of the problem, it will give you some idea of what it will cost to fix it. 

The truth is that most cases of mold can be resolved. Even the worst-hit homes are fixable. The main thing to decide is whether it is worth spending the money to fix a house with a severe mold infestation case or find another property that doesn’t have a mold issue at all.