Five Tips for Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage

by Allied / Wednesday, 19 July 2017 / Published in Water Damage

Anyone who’s ever dealt with a flood or bad leak in their home can tell you what a nightmare the whole scenario is. On top of worrying about all of your personal belongings that were destroyed by the water, you have to figure out how you’re going to clean everything up and get the water out of your home. Luckily, we’re here to help remedy any water damage, around the clock. But before we make it to the scene, there are a few things that you can do on your own to help get the process started. Continue reading to learn more about what you can do while waiting for a water damage restoration service in Montana:

  • Call the pros: Your first step in cleaning after you’ve been impacted by a flood or a leak should be to pick up the phone and give the professionals a call. You can do a lot by yourself, but only professionals at a water damage restoration service in Montana have the right gear to get your house back to normal. The longer you wait to call someone, the worse off your house could be. The worst damage from leaks and floods typically isn’t visible. The real problems stem from mold and mildew growth down the road, and professionals are the only folks who are truly qualified to handle those issues.
  • Open your windows: After you’ve called the pros, you should open your windows. The fresh air won’t just be good to get rid of any stale smells—it can also help lessen the risk of mold growth. Bring some fans into the flooded areas to help blow that air out of the window.
  • Get a shop vac: Before the professionals arrive with heavy-duty equipment, you can start mold clean up in Montana by vacuuming up any standing water. Although a shop vac isn’t as powerful as what we use, they still work pretty well to suck up water!
  • Tear up your carpet: If the affected room is carpeted, you need to get the wet carpet out as soon as possible. The longer your wet carpet sits on the ground, the more mold is going to grow. Although it may look dry, a carpet that’s been soaked is never going to be the same after a flood. Mold grows pretty quickly, and the last thing you want is to have mold under your carpeting. Tearing up carpet can be a pain, but having to pay someone to do it is worse!
  • Throw things away: It can be tough to part with your belongings, but it’s a good idea to just toss anything out that was damaged during a leak. Mold can grow on any of your things, and you don’t want a moldy item hanging around in your home.

Hopefully your home isn’t affected by a flood or leak any time soon, but if it is, you know who to call! At Allied 24/7 Property Restoration, our professionals are available all day, every day for water damage repair in Kalispell Montana and surrounding areas.

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