Ceiling Pro: Effective Cleaning Solutions for Your Ceiling

by Allied / Wednesday, 12 October 2016 / Published in Water Damage

As the noonday sun shines in through the window, you lean back in your chair and glance up at your ceiling. Your immediate reaction is disgust. Your once brilliantly white ceiling now appears to be a grimy yellow in the afternoon light. Under further inspection, you realize that it’s not just discoloration, but an actual layer of irremovable dirt covering your ceiling tiles.

Over time, dirt, dust, grease, mold, smoke and other grime accumulates on your ceiling tiles. Layer upon layer of this filth compounds upon itself until you end up with yellow tiles that won’t come clean even under the most vigorous scrubbing. These tiles not only look disgusting, but they are home to dust, mold spores and other air contaminants that can be dangerous to your health. That’s why we’ve added Ceiling Pro, an effective ceiling cleaning solution, to our arsenal for taking care of fire damage and water damage restoration. As your local Ceiling Pro dealer, we’re equipped to tackle even the most difficult ceiling tile stains.

What is Ceiling Pro?

Ceiling Pro is a product made up of 18 different cleaning solutions specifically designed to remove the buildup of grime and tough stains found on your ceiling. A selection from these 18 solutions is made, after inspecting the surface to be cleaned, to maximize the cleaning power of Ceiling Pro without damaging the original surface. The resulting combination is a mess-free, odor-free, eco-friendly cleaning solution customized for your ceiling.

What can Ceiling Pro do?

Ceiling Pro works quickly to dissolve the buildup of filth on your ceilings, and is customized to not only tackle the type of grime found on your ceiling, but also to specifically clean the material your ceiling is made of. Ceiling Pro can be customized to clean vinyl, stone, cement, concrete, plaster, painted plaster, PVC, wood, Teflon, stucco, fiberglass and more. It’s also able to tackle even the toughest stains from water damage, grease and even smoke. Really, no matter the type of surface or type of stain, Ceiling Pro can handle it.

Why did we choose Ceiling Pro?

It’s not just the cleaning power of Ceiling Pro that has caused us to decide to use it as part of our services. We are always looking for ways to offer our customers cost-effective cleaning and restoration solutions, and Ceiling Pro is the most affordable solution we’ve found for dealing with damaged or stained ceilings. In fact, Ceiling Pro costs 80 percent less than replacing your ceiling tiles. Ceiling Pro, unlike other professional cleaning systems, is also eco-friendly.

If your ceiling is stained from water damage, fire damage, grease or even mold, with our new Ceiling Pro services, we can tackle even the most difficult stains. We’re excited to have made Ceiling Pro part of our service offerings for fire and water damage restoration in Montana. When you see the results of this cost-effective ceiling cleaning solution, we think you’ll be excited too. Get in touch with Allied 24/7 Property Restoration today to learn more about Ceiling Pro and other components of our services.

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