Removing Mold From Crawl Space and Attics

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When homeowners hear the word “mold,” they generally start to panic. Mold is dangerous, damaging to your home’s infrastructure and, unfortunately, it tends to be prolific, spreading quickly once it finds a place to take root. If you tell a homeowner that they have mold in their crawlspace or attic, it’s all they can do to keep from having a panic attack!

Allied 24/7 Property Restoration is here to calm your nerves and quell your fears by telling you that mold in your attic or crawlspace isn’t a death sentence for your home or your bank account—far from it, actually. With a tactful approach to mold remediation in Montana, it’s possible to absolve these spaces of mold growth and prevent it from occurring again!

Understanding confined spaces

Mold growth in your crawlspace or attic isn’t like growth in other areas of your home. Treating and remediating mold in the bathroom, for example, is going to be far easier for a number of reasons—there’s more room to work, more possibilities in terms of hauling out infected materials and the damage is usually less catastrophic because it’s right out in the open for you to catch early on.

Confined spaces have a few unique characteristics that make treating mold growth trickier and remediating it a little harder. For one, crawlspaces and attics tend to be more humid because there’s poor airflow. They’re also darker without natural sunlight streaming in. Finally, they’re frequently uninterrupted. All of these things add up to the perfect breeding ground for mold.

The Right Approach to Mold Remediation

Mold remediation in Montana may be harder in crawlspaces and attics, but it’s far from impossible. With the right experience, approach and resources, Allied 24/7 Property Restoration can quickly tackle your mold problem in a way that thoroughly eradicates it and prevents it from returning:

  • We’ll work to clear out any mold present in your crawlspace or attic. This is usually done on a case by case basis—sometimes soda blasting (baking soda abrasive) is effective at destroying mold; other times a biocide may need to be used (in the case of black mold or dangerous conditions).
  • Once the majority of mold is cleaned out of these areas, we’ll get to work checking your vapor barrier, updating it or reinstalling it to prevent the root problem: moisture in your space. We work to prevent moisture buildups, which are a catalyst for mold growth.

Using a two-pronged attack to remove existing buildups and prevent moisture buildups from forming, it’s possible to take back your attic or crawl space from even severe mold growth!

Trust the professionals

If you find mold in your crawlspace or attic, or an inspector mentions the dreaded “m” word, don’t have a heart attack! Instead, approach the situation with a level head and remember that with the right approach, mold can be eradicated. Then, pick up the phone and call Allied 24/7 Property Restoration for attic mold removal and remediation in Montana.

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